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This gripping fantasy tale by author David Spiegel, transports readers back to Medieval Europe. Following young Hunter, the curious protagonist, on his quest to uncover the secrets of his ancestry, readers will be taken on a thrilling journey of danger and discovery. Along the way Hunter meets many colorful characters and encounters a range of monsters and mythical creatures. The stakes are high as Hunter's discoveries could have far-reaching implications for humanity itself. Set against a backdrop of beautiful landscapes, this is a story with its roots in European folklore that will delight fantasy fans of all ages.

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Meet the author

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David L Spiegel was born in Michigan and currently lives in Florida with his beautiful wife, who serves as a constant source of inspiration for all of his artistic endeavors.. He spent several years in the military during the 1960s and then devoted 25 years to working for the Teamsters, retiring at 62. He is a proud father of three children and a proud grandparent of nine grandchildren. In addition to his professional endeavors, David has also pursued interests in music and creative writing.

For 10 years he was an accomplished lead vocalist for a band, performing and composing songs which were then released on multiple CDs. David had developed video games as well as a wine line, inspired by BoneFairy – the same source of inspiration for his upcoming novel set in the fictional world of The Scrolls of the BoneFairy Castle. This sequel will build upon existing themes while introducing exciting new characters into the unfolding story.

When not writing or creating music, David loves to dance and listen to many different genres of music. An avid reader himself, he enjoys getting lost within the pages of classic works while exploring fantasy worlds filled with adventure and intrigue. With such a wealth of experience collected over his lifetime, his next book promises to be one that is richly detailed and full of profound insights into humanity's most enduring mysteries.

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